VEGA Payload Shock Test Using VESTA

SAB uses Vega Shock Test Apparatus to reproduce, at the spacecraft bottom interface, the dimensioning shock load of the Vega stages separation events (Fairing separation).


The service is offered under a frame contract with ARIANESPACE to all the Payloads that will fly on VEGA.

In the frame of the VESTA test activities SAB is currently responsible for:

  • Mechanical Integrations of the VEGA 4th stage mock-up (A4 assy)
  • Assy instrumentation (Accelerometers and Strain Gauges)
  • P/L LPSS937 Clamp Band integration and tensioning
  • HSS (Horizontal Separation System) belt integration and tensioning
  • Pyro bolt cutters handling, check, installation and firing (with Pyro Operators)
  • Data acquisition with a High Frequency DAQ
  • Shock test data Post processing
  • Electronic and mechanical parts refurbishment and maintenance