Corporate in Brief

SAB Aerospace is a private and independent Italian SME operating in the Space Business since 2004 with its core business focused in the development of Mechanical Systems and Sub-systems for Satellites and Launchers. In more than 10 years of activities, SAB has been involved in several projects facing with the mechanical design, thermal and structural analyses of space systems and subsystems, with high precision mechanical integration activities, testing activities and with the manufacturing of space mechanical parts and MGSE.

In 2008 the company has widened the field of activities with the introduction of an internal vibration test facility and an internal mechanical workshop for the manufacturing of space components. SAB has received direct contracts from ESA and have implemented all the ESA procedures and standards. Moreover SAB has participated to launch campaigns and is familiar with rules implemented by ESA in the launch space port in French Guyana. Thus, starting from project requirements SAB performs Design, Structural and Thermal Analyses, Manufacturing and Environmental Tests up to qualification process, including Project Office activities.

The company headquarter is in Benevento, an area considered one of the Italian poles concerning aeronautical and aerospace business.